Orlando Brazen

Welcome to cartoons

By Orlando Brazen

Click on the menu topics to go directly to the pictures. Most of them stand alone. Mo is a long story. This is just a start, hopefully, there will be a lot more to come.

If you are sensitive, easily offended (yeah and who will admit to that) and a politically correct idealist then be forewarned you may not like what you see.  I am not averse to idealism in moderation but beware sarcasm and irony will be expressed heartlessly and unapologetically. I’ll try to avoid explanations.

My goal is to make fun of self-righteousness, prejudice, polarization, and the racism that still prevails in many societies. We may speak the same language, but that doesn’t mean that we understand each other. We may think we do even when we don’t, not really. We are largely unaware of our biases despite our efforts to be responsible, open-minded, kind and caring. After all, we are just human. Being humane is not such a great thing considering our faults and impact on the planet.