Welcome to the Psychologist

english-knap2Cand.psych.aut. Mario Hein

I speak English fluently, as it used to be my primary language. It still is, when it comes to reading.

I am a fully qualified and licensed clinical psychologist from Copenhagen University.

The sub-menues in the menu above hopefully describe my competencies. The Info and Address pages are in Danish, but should be fairly understandable. Send me a mail if in doubt about something.

I specialize in psychotherapy and couples therapy. I have considerable experience in both fields.

It is a completely natural part of being human to evolve and learn to cope with the challenges one meets in life. One seeks a psychologist when one finds that this development is difficult and help is needed to move forward.

Although development is not always possible, most can learn to compensate for their difficulties, so that they are able to act more appropriately to the challenges they meet in life and thereby often obtain better quality of life and greater peace of mind.

The following well-known tale of Nasruddin helps illustrate my point of view:

Nasruddin’s friendly neighbor saw him looking for something by a lamppost in the middle of the night. “What are you looking for neighbor?” “I lost my key,” said Nassrudin desperately. The neighbor immediately went down on all fours to help find the key. After an unsuccessful search he asked: “Where did you lose it?” “Over there,” said Nassrudin and pointed down a dark alley. “Well, why don’t we search for it there?” asked the neighbor puzzled. “Because it’s dark there,” replied Nassrudin.

Psychotherapy can be the key that helps illuminate our own blind spots.